Intervalometer iPhone app for WiFi enabled Canon DSLRs.

Inside an artificial brain

Artificial neural network visualization using Google’s “deep dream” technique.

Möbius Necklace

3D-printed necklace made of interlinked möbius strips.

2048 bytes

My js1k 2014 entry, a 2048 clone in 2048 bytes.


GIF encoder library for web browsers.

Realtime Bitcoin

Bitcoin dashboard with stats updated in real time.

Theremin I/O

Light-based music instrument for iPhone.

Make it Go

The seldomly updated UI experiment I call blog.


Flexible and extendable static site generator.

Laundry Care

iPhone app to quickly look up the meaning of laundry symbols.


MacBook multitouch trackpad visualization tool.


Application that turns your iPhone into a seismometer.

Open Source

I love open-source and constantly release new libraries and projects.