Johan Nordberg

Hi! I’m Johan, a programmer and creative. I make things. Usually with computers, but sometimes with my hands.

For a living, I do freelance work, if you’re looking for a full-stack software developer with many years of experience don’t hesitate to contact me.


Curated selection of things I’ve made, presented here in reverse chronological order. Share and enjoy!

Websocket Task Queues

Task queue designed for transferring and processing large amounts of streaming data.

  • node.js
  • open-source

Inside an artificial brain

Artificial neural network visualization using Google’s “deep dream” technique.

  • experimental
  • video

Möbius Necklace

3D-printed necklace made of interlinked möbius strips and packed with a gravity simulation to keep production costs down.

  • jewelry
  • 3d-printing

2048 bytes

My js1k dragons entry, a 2048 clone in 2048 bytes.
(arrow keys to play)

  • js1k
  • game
  • javascript


GIF encoder library for web browsers.

  • javascript
  • open-source

Realtime Bitcoin

Bitcoin dashboard with stats updated in real time.

  • bitcoin
  • statistics

Theremin I/O

Light-based music instrument for iPhone.

  • ios
  • music instrument
  • objective-c

Make it Go

The seldom updated UI/UX experiment that I call blog.

  • blog
  • experiment


Flexible and extendable static site generator.

  • node.js
  • open-source

Sublime Colorpick

Color picker plugin for Sublime Text.

  • python
  • objective-c
  • open-source

Laundry Care

iPhone app to quickly look up the meaning of laundry symbols.

  • ios
  • objective-c


MacBook multitouch trackpad visualization tool.

  • osx
  • objective-c
  • open-source


iPhone application that turns your phone into a seismometer,
was among the first apps on the App Store.

  • ios
  • objective-c


My first open-source project :-)
Please don’t use it, there are better alternatives nowadays.

  • mootools
  • nostalgia
  • open-source


About me

I’m a computer guy who grew up in the subarctic parts of Sweden, currently living in Italy and eating pizza.

Besides freelancing as a software developer I’m an aspiring artist. I love making interactive experiences that blurs the boundary between our physical world and the digital one I spend most of my time in.

When I’m not plugged in to the matrix I like to travel, take photos, hunt fish, grow lemons and make things out of wood.

If you wish to get in touch with me send an email to You can also follow me on GitHub and Twitter.